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The Reality
Live Update

Unarmed Black man, woman, or child killed by the police... again.

Unfortunately, history keeps repeating itself. The headlines broadcast the same narrative over and over and over and over and over and over, again. Each time, I grieve as though they were my family member because I know their death was caused by hate. Each time, I grieve a little more than the last death because I barely dried my eyes from the last death. Each time, I grieve because no matter how much work I do to reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs, heal trauma, generational curses, journal, and meditate, I can’t reprogram a narrative that plays out every day in America. Each time, I grieve because I am Black in America. Each time, I grieve because that headline could be my headline one day.

Being Black in America means you are “guilty until proven innocent” and that’s only if you get to breathe another day to attend your court date. Countless Black lives lost to the hands and knees of racist police officers who lack proper training, education, psychology, mental health awareness, and merely a heart. Enough is enough!

I am Black.
I am unarmed.
I am human.

Point Blank Period.

I am Kanacia, a Black photographer, graphic designer, and artist. In an effort to save Black lives, Point Blank Period was created to amplify our once silenced voices by saying what needs to be said. PBP's goal is to humanize Black people by creating clear and concise messaging to help everyone relate to us and provide harmless self-defense against the police and the people who fear us.

I know a T-shirt is not a bulletproof vest, but my goal is to give the attacker, even if for a moment, an opportunity to reevaluate and assess how they may approach the accused, the unarmed, and the non-resistant person who may simply be minding their own business. I want to protect my Black brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, and friends against the police and Karens of the world.

Point Blank Period is a movement to turn up the volume on all Black voices, thoughts, feelings, and strength. It’s time we turn off the code switch while we have the world’s attention. This is our chance to speak our truth without censoring our story.

This movement is also about raising the voices of white people and non-Black POC who stand with the Black Lives Movement. PBP is for people who are ready to out the shadow that systematically worked for them by accepting and owning their privilege, and sharing how they are taking actionable steps to be a better ally. By sitting in the discomfort and using your voice, your support will some day save Black lives, like mine.


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What Can I Do?


There's a plethora of information available right at your fingertips. Even I am still learning about my own history since it has been strategically omitted from the history books. I understand there's 400+ years of history to learn, but we're in this together!

Below, are three ways in which you can take action now and how I would like my BIPOC and white ally community to focus their energy. This is new to me. I am not the source for all things Black and I don't plan to be. If you can find a restaurant, gym, nail salon or microblading technician in an unfamiliar city, you can do the work to becoming a better ally.

The real question is: What do you want to do?

Defund the Police

Everyone of us has a role to play in the great rising up across the nation in defense of Black lives and to demand justice for the victims of police and vigilante violence.

Defending Black Lives
offers ways to come together, share, and take action.

Sign the Petition.


As we continue striving to better lives in the Black community, many movements have already begun building platforms to raise awareness and help lift the community.

Help Me, Help Others!
I would love your assistance in donating to causes I believe in.

I want to help.

Join the Conversation

My fear is that allies who are white and non-Black POC will retreat to their normal scheduled lives by next week. So I kindly ask, are you actually ready to do the work?

I am doing the work is for women who actively want to learn and be better allies.

Do the work.